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1. Sarcomere, troponin, and myosin X-ray diffraction signals can be resolved in single cardiomyocytes
H. Bruns, T.S. Czajka, M. Sztucki, S. Brandenburg, T. Salditt
BiophysicalJournal, submitted (2024)

2. Two populations of protein molecules detected by small-angle neutron and X-ray scattering (SANS and SAXS) in lyophilized protein : lyoprotector systems
V. Cristiglio, S. Feng, M. Sztucki, X. Yuan, E. Shalaev
Soft Matter, submitted (2024)

3. SANS and SAXS: a Love Story to Unravel Nanostructural Evolution of Soy Proteins and Insoluble Fibres during High Moisture Extrusion for Meat Alternatives
E.D. Garina, R. den Adel, J.P.M. van Duynhoven, G.N. Smith, R.M. Dalgliesh, M. Sztucki, W.G. Bouwman
, submitted (2024)

4. Micromechanical Properties of Micro- and Nanocrystalline CVD Diamond Thin Films with Gradient Microstructures and Stresses
M. Meindlhumer, T. Ziegelwanger, J. Grau, H. Sternschulte, M. Sztucki, D. Steinmüller-Nethl, J. Keckes
J. Vac. Sci. Technol. A 42, 023401 (2024)

5. Determination of Absolute Intramolecular Distances in Proteins by Anomalous X-ray Scattering Interferometry
S. Stubhan, A.V. Baptist, C. Körösy, A. Narducci, G.G. Moya Muñoz, N. Wendler, A. Lak, M. Sztucki, T. Narayanan, T. Cordes, J. Lipfert
JACS Au, submitted (2024)

6. Cavity Formation in Silica-Filled Rubber Compounds Observed During Deformation by Ultra Small-Angle X-Ray Scattering
I. Yakovlev, M. Sztucki, H.A. Karimi-Varzaneh, J. Lacayo-Pineda, F. Fleck, C. Vatterott, U. Giese
, in preparation (2024)

7. Tunable Ordered Nanostructured Phases by Co-assembly of Amphiphilic Polyoxometalates and Pluronic Block Copolymers
A. Di, J. Xu, T. Zinn, M. Sztucki, W. Deng, A. Ashok, C. Lian, L. Bergström
Nano Letters 23, 1645–1651 (2023)

8. The crystal formation in calcareous marine biominerals involves multiple crystallization steps - An in vivo study
T.A. Grünewald, J. Duboisset, J. Vidal-Dupiol, B. Petton, J. Legrand, A. Campos, E. Tambutté, A. Venn, S. Tambutté, M. Sztucki, M. Burghammer and V. Chamard1
Nature, under review (2023)

9. Relationships Between Asphaltenes Nanostructures and Thermochemical Properties of Aged Asphalt Binders
F. Lahjiri , V. Mouillet, A. Dony, L. Ziyani, S. Gazeau, F. Delfosse, M. Sztucki, P. Dieudonne-George, F. Henn
Energy & Fuel 37, 8444-8455 (2023)

10. Multiscale structure of cellulose microfibrils in regenerated cellulose fibers
J. Liu, H. Sixta, Y. Ogawa, M. Hummel, M. Sztucki, Y. Nishiyama, M. Burghammer
Carbohyrate Polymers 324, 121512 (2023)

11. Freeze-induced phase transition and a local pressure in a phospholipid/water system: Novel insights from time/temperature resolved synchrotron X-ray diffraction study.
M.A. Rodrigues, O. Matsarskaia, P. Rego, V. Geraldes, L.E. Connor, I.D.H. Oswald, M. Sztucki, E. Shalaev
Molecular Pharmaceutics 20, 5790-5799 (2023)

12. Controlling the rotation modes of hematite nanospindles by dynamic magnetic fields
P. Bender, D. Honecker, Y. Falke, D. Dresen, M. Kundt, A. Schmidt, A. Tschöpe, M. Sztucki, M. Burghammer, and S. Disch
Nanoscale Advances 4, 4535-4541 (2022)

13. Impact of lyoprotectors on protein-protein separation in the solid state: Neutron- and X-ray-scattering investigation
V. Cristiglio, M. Sztucki, C. Wu, E. Shalaev
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - General Subjects 1866, 130101 (2022)

14. Controlling the rotation modes of hematite nanospindles by dynamic magnetic fields
Honecker, D., Bender, P., Falke, Y., Dresen, D., Kundt, M., Schmidt, A., Tschöpe, A., Sztucki, M., Burghammer, M. & Disch, S. . Nanoscale Advances
Nanoscale Adv. 4, 4535-4541 (2022)

15. Hybrid polymeric micelles stabilized by gallium ions: Structural investigation
S. Gineste, B. Lonetti, M. Yon, J. Giermanska, E. Di Cola, M. Sztucki, Y. Coppel, A.-F. Mingotaud, J.-P. Chapel, J.-D. Marty, C. Mingotaud
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 609, 698-706 (2022)

16. Performance of the time-resolved ultra-small-angle X-ray scattering beamline with the Extremely Brilliant Source
T. Narayanan, M. Sztucki, T. Zinn, J. Kieffer, A. Homs-Puron, J. Gorini, P. Van Vaerenbergh, P. Boesecke
J. Appl. Cryst 55, 98-111 (2022)

17. Gradients of Orientation, Composition, and Hydration of Proteins for Efficient Light Collection by the Cornea of the Horseshoe Crab
O. Spaeker, G.J. Taylor, B.D. Wilts, T. Slabý, M.A.K. Abdel-Rahman, E. Scoppola, C.N.Z. Schmitt, M. Sztucki, J. Liu, L. Bertinetti, W. Wagermaier, G. Scholtz, P. Fratzl, Y. Politi
Advanced Science, 2203371 (2022)

18. A Spatio-Temporal in-situ Investigation of the Payne Effect in Silica-Filled Rubbers in Large Amplitude Oscillatory Extension
M. Staropoli, D. Gerstner, B. Duez, M. Sztucki, G. Vehres, A. Radulescu, J.-S. Thomann, S. Westermann, W. Pyckhout-Hintzen
Polymer 251, 124927 (2022)

19. Characterization of hen phosvitin in aqueous salt solutions: size, structure, and aggregation
M. Takeuchi, T. Mashima, M. Sztucki, A.V. Petukhov, M. Vis, H. Friedrich, and R. Tuinier
Food Hydrocolloids, 107545 (2022)

20. Direct Structural Evidence for Interfacial Gradients in Asymmetric Polymer Nanocomposite Blends
A.C. Genix, V. Bocharova, B. Carroll, P. Dieudonne-George, M. Sztucki, R. Schweins, A.P. Sokolov, J. Oberdisse
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 13, 36262-36274 (2021)

21. Solvent selectivity governs the emergence of temperature responsive block copolymer self-assembly
A.Ianiro, M.M.R.M. Hendri, P.J. Hurst, J.P. Patterson, M. Vis, M. Sztucki, A.C.C. Esteves, R.Tuinier
Macromolecules 54, 2912-2920 (2021)

22. Protein crystallization in the presence of a metastable liquid-liquid phase separation
R. Maier, G. Zocher, A. Sauter, S. Da Vela, O. Matsarskaia, R. Schweins, M. Sztucki, F. Zhang, T. Stehle, and F. Schreiber
Crystal Growth & Design 20, 7951-7962 (2021)

23. Breakdown and buildup mechanisms of cellulose nanocrystal suspensions under shear or relaxation probed by SAXS and SALS
F. Pignon, M. Challamel, A. De Geyer, M. Elchamaa, E.F. Semeraro, N. Hengl, B. Jean, J.-L. Putaux, E. Gicquel, J. Bras, S. Prevost, M. Sztucki, T. Narayanan, H. Djeridi
Carbohydrate Polymers 260, 117751 (2021)

24. Orientation of Cellulose Nanocrystals Controlled in Perpendicular Directions by Combined Shear Flow and Ultrasound Waves Studied by Small-Angle X-ray Scattering
F. Pignon, E.F. Semeraro, W. Chèvremont, H. Bodiguel, N. Hengl, M. Karrouch, M. Sztucki
Journal of Physical Chemistry C 125, 18409-18419 (2021)

25. Mannitol crystallization at sub-zero temperatures: Time/Temperature-resolved synchrotron X-ray diffraction study and the phase diagram
M.A. Rodrigues, P. Rego, V. Geraldes, L.E. Connor, I.D.H. Oswald, M. Sztucki, E. Shalaev
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 12, 1453-1460 (2021)

26. Phase behavior of P 188 aqueous solutions at sub-zero temperatures: a small-angle neutron and X-ray scattering investigation
X. Yuan, S. Krueger, R.L. Jones, J.E. Curtis, M. Sztucki, and E. Shalaev
J. Phys. Chem. B 125, 1476-1486 (2021)

27. Packing polydisperse colloids into crystals: when charge-dispersity matters
G. Bareigts, P. Kiatkirakajorn, J. Li, R.Botet, M. Sztucki, B. Cabane, L. Goehring, C. Labbez
Physical Review Letters 124, 058003 (2020)

28. Unification of Lower and Upper Critical Solution Temperature Phase Behavior of Globular Protein Solutions in the Presence of Multivalent Cations
N. Begam, O. Matsarskaia, M. Sztucki, F. Zhang, and F. Schreiber
Soft Matter 16, 2128-2134 (2020)

29. Rheo-acoustic gels: Tuning mechanical and flow properties of colloidal gels with ultrasonic vibrations
T. Gibaud, N. Dagès, P. Lidon, et al.
Physical Review X 10, 011028 (2020)

30. Block copolymer hierarchical structures from the interplay of multiple assembly pathways
A. Ianiro, M. Chi, M.M.R.M. Hendrix, A. Vala Koç, E.D. Eren, M. Sztucki, A.V. Petukhov, G. de With, A.C.C. Esteves, R. Tuinier
Polymer Chemistry 11, 2305-2311 (2020)

31. Temperature unmasks allosteric propensity in a thermophilic malate dehydrogenase via dewetting and collapse
M. Katava, M. Marchi, D. Madern, M. Sztucki, M. Maccarini and F. Sterpone
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Part B 124, 1001-1008 (2020)

32. Bottlebrush bridge between soft gels and firm tissue
A. Keith, M. Vatankhah-Varnosfaderani, C. Clair, F. Fahimipour, E. Dashtimoghadam, A. Lallam, M. Sztucki, D. Ivanov, H. Liang, A. Dobrynin, S. Sheiko
ACS Central Science 6, 413-419 (2020)

33. Vesicle adhesion in the electrostatic strong coupling regime studied by time-resolved small-angle x-ray scattering
K. Komorowski, J. Schaeper, M. Sztucki, L. Sharpnack, G. Brehm, S. Köster, T. Salditt
Soft Matter 16, 4142-4154 (2020)

34. Partition of coating agents between nanoparticle interfaces and polymer in nanocomposites
D. Musino, J. Oberdisse, M. Sztucki, A. Alegria, and A.-C. Genix
Macromolecules 53, 8083-8094 (2020)

35. Decoupling the Contributions of ZnO and Silica in the Characterization of Industrially-Mixed Filled Rubbers by Combining Small Angle Neutron and X-Ray Scattering
M. Staropoli, D. Gerstner, A. Radulescu, M. Sztucki, B. Duez, S. Westermann, D. Lenoble, W. Pyckhout-Hintzen
Polymers 12, 502 (2020)

36. Effective interactions in protein solutions with and without clustering
M.K. Braun, F. Roosen-Runge, T. Seydel, M. Sztucki, F. Zhang, F. Schreiber
Colloids Interfaces, submitted (2019)

37. Strained Bottlebrushes in Super-Soft Physical Networks
C. Clair, A. Lallam, M. Rosenthal, M. Sztucki, M. Vatankhah-Varnosfaderani, A.N. Keith, Y. Cong, H. Liang, A.V. Dobrynin, S.S. Sheiko, and D.A. Ivanov
ACS Macro Letters 8, 530-534 (2019)

38. Compressive behavior of uniaxially aligned individual mineralized collagen fibres at the micro- and nanoscale
A. Groetsch, A. Gourier, J. Schwiedrzik, M. Sztucki, J. Shephard, J. Michler, P.K. Zysset, U. Wolfram
Acta Biomaterialia 89, 313-329 (2019)

39. Stabilizing colloidal particles against salting-out by changing surface grafts from polymers to small molecules
G.K. Jonsson, J. Ulama, R.A.X. Persson, M.Z. Oskolkova, M. Sztucki, T. Narayanan, J. Bergenholtz
Langmuir 35, 11836-11842 (2019)

40. Impact of crystal structure on the optical output of colloidal CdSe/CdS core/shell nanocrystals via their particle shape
L. Ludescher, D. Dirin, M.V. Kovalenko, M. Sztucki, P. Boesecke, R.T. Lechner
Frontiers in Chemsitry 6, 672 (2019)

41. In-situ Observation of Synthesized Nanoparticles in an Ultra-Dilute Aerosol via X-ray Scattering
S. McKibbin, S. Yngman, O. Balmes, B. Meuller, S. Tågerud, M. Messing, G. Portale, M. Sztucki, K. Deppert, L. Samuelson, M. Magnusson, E. Lundgren, A. Mikkelsen
Nano Research 12, 25-31 (2019)

42. A microfluidic flow-focusing device reduces sample consumption for serial synchrotron crystallography experiments in liquid flow
D.C.F. Monteiro, M. Vakili, J. Harich, M. Sztucki, S.M. Meier, S. Horrell, I. Josts and M. Trebbin
Journal of Synchrotron Radiation 26, 406-412 (2019)

43. A hierarchical scattering function for silica-filled rubbers under deformation: Effect of the initial cluster distribution.
M. Staropoli, D. Gerstner, M. Sztucki, G. Vehres, B. Duez, S. Westermann, D. Lenoble, W. Pyckhout-Hintzen
Macromolecules 52, 9735-9745 (2019)

44. Development of a crystal collimation system for high-resolution ultra-small-angle X-ray scattering applications
M. Sztucki, J. Leonardon, P. Van Vaerenbergh, J. Gorini, P. Boesecke and T. Narayanan
J. Synchrotron Rad. 26, 439-444 (2019)

45. The Payne Effect: Primarily Polymer-Related or Filler-Related Phenomenon?
N. Warasitthinon, A.-C. Genix, M. Sztucki, J. Oberdisse, and C.G. Robertson
Rubber Chemistry and Technology 92, 599-611 (2019)

46. Reentrant Phase Behavior in Protein Solutions Induced by Multivalent Salts: Strong Effect of anions Cl- versus NO3-
M.K. Braun, A. Sauter, O. Matsarskaia, M. Wolf, F. Roosen-Runge, M. Sztucki, R. Roth, F. Zhang, F. Schreiber
Journal of Physical Chemistry B 122, 11978-11985 (2018)

47. Mechanistic Insights into Polyion Complex Associations
S. Gineste, E. Di Cola, B. Amouroux, U. Till, J.-D. Marty, A.-F. Mingotaud, C. Mingotaud, F. Violleau, D. Berti, G. Parigi, C. Luchinat, S. Balor, M. Sztucki, B. Lonetti
Macromolecules 51, 1427-1440 (2018)

48. A Multipurpose Instrument for Time-Resolved Ultra Small-Angle and Coherent X-Ray Scattering
T. Narayanan, M. Sztucki, P. Van Vaerenbergh, J. Leonardon, J. Gorini, L. Claustre, F. Sever, J. Morse, P. Boesecke
J. Appl. Cryst. 51, 1511-1524 (2018)

49. Chameleon-like elastomers with molecularly encoded strain-adaptive stiffening and coloration
M. Vatankhah-Varnosfaderani, A.N. Keith, Y. Cong, H. Liang, M. Rosenthal, M. Sztucki, C. Clair, S. Magonov, D.A. Ivanov, A.V. Dobrynin, S.S. Sheiko
Science 359, 1509 (2018)

50. Crowding-controlled cluster size in concentrated aqueous protein solutions: Structure, self- and collective diffusion
M.K. Braun, M. Grimaldo, F. Roosen-Runge, I. Hoffmann, O. Czakkel, M. Sztucki, F. Zhang, F. Schreiber, T. Seydel
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 8, 2590-2596 (2017)

51. Strong Isotope Effects on Effective Interactions and Phase Behavior in Protein Solutions in the Presence of Multivalent Ions
M. Braun, M. Wolf, O. Matsarskaia, S. Da Vela, F. Roosen-Runge, Felix, M. Sztucki, R. Roth, F. Zhang, F. Schreiber
Journal of Physical Chemistry B 121, 1731-1739 (2017)

52. The mechanism of eccrine sweat pore plugging by aluminium salts using microfluidics combining with Small Angle X-ray Scattering
A. Bretagne, F. Cotot, M. Arnaud-Roux, M. Sztucki, B. Cabane, J.-B. Galey
Soft Matter 13, 3812-3821 (2017)

53. Effective Interactions and Colloidal Stability of Bovine ?-Globulin in Solution
S. Da Vela, F. Roosen-Runge, M. Skoda, R. Jacobs, T. Seydel, H. Frielinghaus, M. Sztucki, R. Schweins, F. Zhang, F. Schreiber
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 121, 5759-5769 (2017)

54. Tunable Strain in Magnetoelectric ZnO Micro Rod Composite Interfaces
S. Hrkac, M. Abes, C. Koops, C. Krywka, M. Mueller, M. Burghammer, M. Sztucki, T. Dane, S. Kaps, Y. Mishra, R. Adelung, E. Lage, C. Kirchhof, E. Quandt, O. Magnussen, B. Murphy
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 9, 25571-25577 (2017)

55. Thermal activation of 'allosteric-like' soft modes in a eukaryotic Lactate Dehydrogenase
M. Katava, M. Maccarini, G.Villain, A. Paciaroni, M. Sztucki, O. Ivanova, D. Madern, F. Sterpone
Scientific Reports 7, 41092 (2017)

56. Hiding in plain view: Colloidal self-assembly from polydisperse populations
B. Cabane, J. Li, F. Artzner, R. Botet, Ch. Labbez, G. Bareigts, M. Sztucki, L. Goehring
Phys. Rev. Lett. 116, 208001 (2016)

57. Structural Evolution of Metastable Protein Aggregates in the Presence of Trivalent Salt Studied by (V)SANS and SAXS
A. Sauter, F. Zhang, N.K. Szekely, V. Pipich, M. Sztucki, and F. Schreiber
Journal of Physical Chemistry B 120, 5564-5571 (2016)

58. Structure of alumina-silica nanoparticles grafted with alkylphosphonic acids in poly(ethylacrylate) nanocomposites
C. Schmitt Pauly, A.-C. Genix, J.G. Alauzun, J. Jestin, M. Sztucki, P.H. Mutin, J. Oberdisse
Polymer 97, 138-146 (2016)

59. An upgrade beamline for combined wide, small and ultra small-angle X-ray scattering at the ESRF
P. Van Vaerenbergh, J. Léonardon, M. Sztucki, P. Boesecke, J. Gorini, L. Claustre, F. Sever, J. Morse, T. Narayanan
AIP Conf. Proc. 1741, 030034 (2016)

60. Ice Recrystallization in a Solution of a Cryoprotector and Its Inhibition by a Protein: Synchrotron X-Ray Diffraction Study
B. Zakharov, A. Fisyuk, A. Fitch, Y. Watier, A. Kostyuchenko, D. Varshney, M. Sztucki, E. Boldyreva, E. Shalaev
Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 105, 2129-2138 (2016)

61. On the origin of small-angle scattering from contrast-matched nanoparticles: A study of chain and filler structure in polymer nanocomposites
A. Banc, A.-C. Genix, Ch. Dupas, M. Sztucki, R. Schweins, M.-S. Appavou, J. Oberdisse
Macromolecules 48, 6596-6605 (2015)

62. Ultrasonic assisted cross-flow ultrafiltration of starch and cellulose nanocrystals suspensions: characterization at multi-scales
Y. Jin, N. Hengl, S. Baup, F. Pignon, N.Gondrexon, M. Sztucki, A. Romdhane, A. Guillet, M. Aurousseau
Carbohydrate Polymers 124, 66-76 (2015)

63. Surface modification of alumina-coated silica nanoparticles in aqueous sols with phosphonic acids and impact on nanoparticle interactions
C. Schmitt, A. Genix, J. Alauzun, M. Sztucki, J. Oberdisse, H. Mutin
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 17(29), 19173-19182 (2015)

64. Turkevich in New Robes: Key Questions Answered for the Most Common Gold Nanoparticle Synthesis
M. Wuithschick, A. Birnbaum, S. Witte, M. Sztucki, U. Vainio, K. Rademann, F. Emmerling, R. Kraehnert, and J. Polte
ACS nano 9(7), 7052-7071 (2015)

65. Spontaneous glass-glass transition during aging of a colloidal clay
R. Angelini, E. Zaccarelli, F. De Melo Marques, M. Sztucki, A. Fluerasu, G. Ruocco, B. Ruzicka
Nature communications 5, 4049 (2014)

66. Tuning structure and rheology of silica-latex nanocomposites with the molecular weight of matrix chains: a coupled SAXS-TEM-simulation approach
A. Banc, A.-C. Genix, M. Chirat, C. Dupas, S. Caillo, M. Sztucki, J. Oberdisse
Macromolecules 47, 3219-3230 (2014)

67. Structural anisotropy of directionally dried colloids
F. Boulgogne, L. Pauchard, F. Giorgiutti-Dauphiné, R. Botet, R. Schweins, M. Sztucki, J. Li, B. Cabane, L. Goehring
EPL 105, 38005 (2014)

68. Using Three-Dimensional 3D Grazing-Incidence Small-Angle X-ray Scattering (GISAXS) Analysis To Probe Pore Deformation in Mesoporous Silica Films
E.A. Chave, H. Granlund, M. Sztucki, O. Konovalov, D.W. Breiby, and A. Gibaud
Applied Materials & Interfaces 6, 2686-2691 (2014)

69. Effect of ultrasound on colloidal organization at nanometer length scale during cross-flow ultrafiltration probed by in-situ SAXS
Y. Jin, N. Hengl, S. Baup, F. Pignon, N Gondrexon, A. Magnin, M. Sztucki, T. Narayanan, L. Michot, B. Cabane
Journal of Membrane Science 453, 624–635 (2014)

70. Effects of ultrasound on cross-flow ultrafiltration of skim milk: Characterization from macro-scale to nano-scale
Y. Jin, N. Hengl, S. Baup, F. Pignon, N. Gondrexon, M. Sztucki, G. Gésan-Guiziou, A. Magnin, M. Abyan, M. Karrouch, D. Blésès
Journal of membrane science 470, 205–218 (2014)

71. Competing Salt Effects on Reentrant Phase Behavior of Protein Solutions: Tailoring of Interaction Strength and Range by the Binding of Multivalent Ions and Charge Screening
E. Jordan, F. Roosen-Runge, S. Leibfarth, F. Zhang, M. Sztucki, A. Hildebrandt, O. Kohlbacher, F. Schreiber
Journal of Physical Chemistry B 115, 11365-11374 (2014)

72. Effective Interactions in Protein-Salt Solutions Approaching Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation
M. Wolf, F. Roosen-Runge, F. Zhanga, R. Roth, M.W.A. Skoda, R.M.J. Jacobs, M. Sztucki, F. Schreiber
Journal of Molecular Liquids 200, 20-27 (2014)

73. Observation of Empty Liquids and Equilibrium Gels in a Colloidal Clay
R. Angelini, B. Ruzicka, E. Zaccarelli, L. Zulian, M. Sztucki, A. Moussaid, T. Narayanan, F. Sciortino
AIP Conference Proceedings 1518, 384-390 (2013)

74. Observations of Ball-Lightning-Like Plasmoids Ejected from Silicon by Localized Microwaves
Y. Meir, E. Jerby, Z. Barkay, D. Ashkenazi, J.B.A, Mitchell, T. Narayanan, N. Eliaz, J.L. LeGarrec, M. Sztucki, O. Meshcheryakov
Materials 6, 4011-4030 (2013)

75. Dynamics of incipient carbon particle formation in a stabilized ethylene flame by in situ extended-small-angle- and wide-angle X-ray scattering Original Research Article
F. Ossler, L. Vallenhag, S.E. Canton, J.B.A. Mitchell, J.-L. Le Garrec, M. Sztucki, S. di Stasio
Carbon 51, 1-19 (2013)

76. Size Controlled Synthesis of Colloidal Silver Nanoparticles Based on Mechanistic Understanding
M. Wuithschick, B. Paul, R. Bienert, A. Sarfraz, U. Vainio, M. Sztucki, R. Kraehnert, P. Strasser, K. Rademann, F. Emmerling, J. Polte
Chemistry of Materials 25, 4679-4689 (2013)

77. Viscosity and Dffusion: Crowding and Salt Effects in Protein Solutions
M. Heinen, F. Zanini, F. Roosen-Runge, D. Fedunova, F. Zhang, M. Hennig, T. Seydel, R. Schweins, M. Sztucki, M. Antalik, F. Schreiber, G. Nägele
Soft Matter 8, 1404 (2012)

78. Self-Assembly of Charged Surfactants: Full Comparison of Molecular Simulations and Scattering Experiments
A. Jusufi, A. Kohlmeyer, M. Sztucki, T. Narayanan, M. Ballauff
Langmuir 28, 17632-17641 (2012)

79. Drying dip-coated colloidal films
J. Li, B. Cabane, M. Sztucki, J. Gummel, and L. Goehring
Langmuir 28, 200-208 (2012)

80. In-situ characterization by SAXS of concentration polarization layers during cross-flow ultrafiltration of Laponite dispersions
F. Pignon, M. Abyan, C. David, A. Magnin, and M. Sztucki
Langmuir 28, 1083 (2012)

81. Structure-property relationships of a biological mesocrystal in the adult sea urchin spine
J. Seto, Y. Ma, S. Davis, F. Meldrum, A. Gourrier, Y.-Y. Kim, U. Schilde, M. Sztucki, M. Burghammer, S. Maltsev, C. Jäger, H. Cölfen
PNAS 109, 3699-3704 (2012)

82. Anomalous Small-Angle X-ray Scattering from Charged Soft Matter (Invited Review)
M. Sztucki, E. Di Cola, and T. Narayanan
European Physical Journal Special Topics 208, 319–331 (2012)

83. Charge-Controlled Metastable Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation in Protein Solutions as a Universal Pathway Towards Crystallization
F. Zhang, R. Roth, M. Wolf, F. Roosen-Runge, M.W.A. Skoda, R.M.J. Jacobs, M. Sztucki, F. Schreiber
SoftMatter 8, 1313 (2012)

84. The role of cluster formation and metastable liquid-liquid phase separation in protein crystallization
F. Zhang, F. Roosen-Runge, A. Sauter, R. Roth, M.W.A. Skoda, R.M.J. Jacobs, M. Sztucki, F. Schreiber
Faraday Discussions 159, 313-325 (2012)

85. Calculation of scattering-patterns of ordered nano- and mesoscale materials
S. Förster, S. Fischer, K. Zielske, C. Schellbach, M. Sztucki, P. Lindner, and J. Perlich
Advances in Colloid and Interface Science 163, 53-83 (2011)

86. Concentration dependent pathways in spontaneous self-assembly of unilamellar vesicles
J. Gummel, M. Sztucki, T. Narayanan, and M. Gradzielski
Soft Matter 7, 5731 (2011)

87. Rapid Internal Bubble Formation in Microwave Heated Polymer Observed in Real-Time by X-ray Scattering
J.B.A. Mitchell, E. Jerby, Y. Shamir, Y. Meir, J.L. LeGarrec, M. Sztucki
Polymer Degradation and Stability 96, 1788 (2011)

88. Protein Self-Diffusion in Crowded Solutions
F. Roosen-Runge, M. Hennig, F. Zhang, R.M.J. Jacobs, M. Sztucki, H. Schober, T. Seydel, F. Schreiber
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